Daytona Bike Week is a 10-day festival that takes place each spring in and around Daytona Beach, Florida, with hundreds of events across Volusia County attracting thousands of visitors and biking enthusiasts from around the world. Events include carnivals, concerts, treasure hunts and bike races. The official Daytona Bike Week website includes an events calendar, a survival guide, and links to accommodations and campgrounds.

Daytona Bike Week originated in the 1930s as the annual Daytona 200 bike race, which used the hard-sand beach and a paved public roadway south of Daytona Beach as a race track. The race was cancelled from 1942 to 1946 because of fuel, tire and engine component rationing during World War II, but people continued to turn up at the beach for an unofficial event they called Bike Week. Racing along the beach and road resumed in 1947 and continued until 1961, when the race moved to Daytona International Speedway. The event continued to grow, but the unorganized events surrounding the race led to increasing tension between law enforcement officials and the biking community. Following the 1986 event, the Daytona Chamber of Commerce became involved in working with the city to bring some official organization to the event.