Place a large piece of shrink wrap material on a flat surface and place the item that is going to be shrink wrapped in the middle of the strip, fold the shrink wrap over the item so that the item is completely encased in the material, use a shrink wrap sealer to seal around the item trapping as little air as possible and use a blow dryer to blow warm air all over the item to make the shrink wrap seal to the item. Be sure to continuously move the blow dryer so that one specific part of the shrink wrap does not get too hot and melt.

Sealing an item in shrink wrap will help keep the item clean and protected from moisture. Shrink wrapping is commonly used when preparing an item for shipment.

  1. Prepare the item to be shrink wrapped.
  2. Clean and dry the item that is going to be shrink wrapped thoroughly before attempting to seal it. If there is moisture on the item when it is wrapped it can cause damage to the item.

  3. Place the item in the shrink wrap material.
  4. Place a large square of shrink wrapping material on a dry, flat surface. Fold the shrink wrap around the item such that the item is completely encased in shrink wrap. Use a sealer to press the shrink wrap folds together as close to item as possible, and make sure that the seal is air-tight with minimal bubbles.

  5. Shrink wrap the item.
  6. Use a blow dryer to heat up the shrink wrap. Continually move the blow dryer all around the item until the shrink wrap has sealed to the item and there are no air bubbles.