To remove a car’s transmission, first raise the car with a jack, making sure to support it with safety stands. To ease the transmission removal, you need jack safety stands, a wrench and a wood block.

Separate the negative battery cable from the battery terminal using a wrench. Remove the starter, which is located between the transmission and the engine, by unscrewing the bolts holding it in place. Remove the driveshaft by unscrewing the nuts that connect it to the differentials before disconnecting it from the transmission back.

Slide the driveshaft out of the transmission rear to get hold of it. From the driver’s side of the transmission, disconnect the shift linkage and the speedometer cable using a wrench. To the side of the transmission, remove the bolts that secure the shift linkage, and push them out. From the underside of the vehicle, manually remove the transmission-to-flywheel bolts by turning the crankshaft pulley with a wrench.

On top of the jack below the pan of the transmission, place a jack with a block, and raise the jack while ensuring that the wood rests against the transmission. Beneath the transmission, remove the transmission crossmember by unscrewing the nuts that attach it to the body, and then slide it away slowly from the engine. Seek professional help if you experience any problems.