There are several reasons why Ares, a file-sharing client, may face connection problems, including the computer's firewall blocking the program's access to the Internet or port connectivity issues. Both Windows and third-party firewalls can potentially block Ares, but the problem is easily fixed by adding an access exception for Ares. A port connectivity problem is caused by a setting issue within Ares itself.

To fix a port connectivity issue within Ares, go into the program's control panel and delete the number found on the Transfer tab. Once the program is restarted, this number should be auto-filled again by the program to correspond to an open port. If this method also fails, it is possible to use port number 6298 as an alternative.

Versions of the Ares program from July 2013 also faced issues connecting with new pairs and peers. The issue generated a blank list of existing users, which meant that there was no one to connect to when looking for files to download.

Ares was first developed in 2002 as part of the gnutella network before spinning off into its own network consisting of a decentralized supernode and leaf network. As of Sept. 6, 2014, the latest version of the Ares software is version 2.3.0.