Internet security is necessary because without it, financial transactions and communication between businesses would be accessible, and personal information would be subject to violation. Internet security protects private data from being compromised.

Internet security ensures that people and businesses are confident exchanging information. Without Internet security, the Internet would stop functioning because nobody would be willing to use it. The primary goals of Internet security are to authenticate people, to prevent impostors, to preserve integrity so people are not afraid to use the Internet and to keep private information from becoming public.

Internet security also allows technological progress to be made and continued development to occur. Without Internet security, it would be impossible to expand on existing technologies because they would be prone to corruption. For example, most people own mobile devices that can connect to the Internet, as of 2015. Without proper Internet security measures in place, people would not be willing to own these devices, and companies would stop making them as demand decreased.

Hackers are capable of stealing identities, infiltrating large corporations and even causing physical damage. With personal information, hackers can blackmail people or companies. With private credit card or banking information, hackers can make purchases and steal money. Internet security prevents online crime.