Some 3D printer manufacturers are Cubify, Flashforge USA, XYZprinting and Lulzbot. 3D printers create three-dimensional objects from digital template files by laying down layers of material, such as nylon or plastic, until the object is created. Printers come in many sizes and designs for personal and commercial use. Most manufacturers also sell printer parts and filament material.

Cubify sells 3D printers, software, scanners, cartridges and supplies. The Cube model is designed for home usage, while the CubePro model is made for professional usage with multi-material and triple color printing. As of October 2015, Cubify also sells other printer models, such as the ProJet, Ekocycle Cube and previous-generation printers.

Flashforge also sells printers, scanners, software and filaments. In addition, printer parts and accessories and printer bundles are also available. Flashforge offers free shipping and purchasable extended warranty plans. Refurbished printers from customer returns are also sold for discounted prices.

XYZprinting manufactures and sells cost-effective 3D printing products for individuals and businesses. Its printers are easy-to-use and user-friendly. XYZprinting sells standard 3D printer merchandise, including da Vinci 3D printer models.

Lulzbot features a variety of 3D printing tools, filaments, hardware and parts. Printers are available with extended warranties and standard or mini-sized options. Lulzbot offers many types of filament in different colors, including glow-in-the-dark.