Some websites that provide online assistance are, and offers remote assistance from an expert, while and offer assistance through forums, tips or downloadable software. works differently than most tech support sites by providing software to install that allows someone else, whether it be a friend or someone else who is tech-savvy, to access the computer system of the troubled user remotely. This allows for direct assistance, which saves time and is extremely helpful to the user. If you decide to opt for virtual assistance from a computer expert, there may be a fee included. provides forums filled with topics pertaining to a large array of troubleshooting issues ranging from operating system dilemmas to software solutions. System drivers are also available to download, and the site also offers reviews for the latest tech gadgets and video games. has a wide range of troubleshooting tips. You can easily search for answers to previously asked questions, or visit the forum for specific inquiries. The forum hosts topics relating to Microsoft, Internet, and networking, among others. The website also provides contact information for major computer companies and lists hardware and software solutions for additional assistance.