Reviews for Korg keyboards are available at, and, the online home of Keyboard Magazine, occasionally reviews Korg keyboards, and reviews can be located via the website search function.

Reviews of Korg keyboards at can be located by a keyword search for "Korg keyboard" in Musical Instruments, Electronics or All Departments. The results include star ratings for various products, which typically denote a customer review. Most reviewed products include a small assortment of the most commonly asked questions and related answers concerning pros, cons, features and benefits about the product.

Similarly, returns reviews of Korg keyboards in response to a general keyword search. Search results include expert reviews under various categories, such as Piano, Home Recording and Portables. The resident piano expert's reviews tend to follow a "Review Summary, Features, Price, Prose and Cons" format, as of 2015. The expert also frequently discusses the feel of the piano's keys, its mechanical actions and its various instrument sounds and artificial voices.

The Keyboard Magazine website primarily offers reviews for keyboard enthusiasts and professionals, and many reviews reflect a pianist's real life experience with a particular product. The reviewer offers an overview and highlights features and benefits, pros and cons.