Find photo image galleries online through sites such as,, and, as of 2015. Each site offers a different selection of images with a variety of subjects, ranging from portraits and urban landscapes to nature and outer space. offers an extensive collection of images from hundreds of different photographers, with dozens of categories that cover the image's content as well as links to view specially curated galleries. Every image on the site includes the name of the photographer, a link to her full gallery or portfolio, technical details, such as the camera and lens used or if applicable, any program like Adobe Photoshop used to manipulate the image. offers an assortment of contemporary and historical images from across the world. The images cover both nature and different lifestyles, going back as far as the mid 19th century. Some images are available for purchase as physical prints or for license to use in web and print projects.

Both and are stock image websites, which means that all the photos are available to license for personal or commercial projects. Each site includes details about the picture on its product page, including the price for different sizes and the available file formats. The page also explains the licensing available for the image, with some requiring an attribution on certain works in exchange for a lower price.