The application for talking with Evie, an artificial intelligence conversation bot, is available directly from its developer, Existor. Evie is a separate entity from Cleverbot, but they share the same AI.

Evie is less of a game and more of an application, and it allows users to have a conversation with her based entirely on its AI and words that she has learned from other users. Cleverbot, which has its own dedicated website, is similar. Unlike some earlier AI conversation bots, neither Cleverbot nor Evie come pre-equipped with anything that can be called a game. Smarterchild, for example, a now-defunct conversation bot for MSN messenger and AIM, included games.

Existor markets some more traditional games in the form of apps available for Apple's iOS. Some of these are completely unrelated to AI, such as Tyyyp and Xaggle, but other apps involve AI. Bot or Not has players decide if someone is AI or a real person, similar to a Turing test. Cleverme allows players to create a virtual character to talk to three different AIs, which are ostensibly Cleverbot, Evie and Pupito, the company's puppy AI.

As of 2015, these are the only games available in any way related to Evie. If other games or apps exist, they are strictly third party.