The best place to find a file is in the folder where it was saved. Using the search bar in the Users, My Documents, Downloads, My Pictures, My Music and My Photos folders is the next best option for users who cannot remember where the file was saved.

Most files are saved to default locations dictated by the program or the user's past saving habits. If the user knows what program the file was saved in, he can open the program and select "Save As..." to find out where the program defaults to when saving files.

Searching the C:/ drive is the best option for the user who didn't save the file himself or moved the file or folder. The C:/ drive is the primary folder on most computers, and any files not found in the C:/ drive usually do not exist on the computer. The user may have an additional drive that he should search if what he is looking for cannot be found in the C:/ drive.

The user should also search the C:/ drive when searching for a file that is associated with a system functionality or otherwise not likely to be found in the Users folder.