Some websites that feature free African American clip art include,, and, as of 2015. Each site offers images in a variety of art styles and subjects, including professional roles, sports activities, families and academic situations. features both animated and static clip art images of African American people in multiple situations. Hovering over the image in the grid view mode allows users to preview the image. Each image is available in several different file formats and includes links to related images on the site according to user activity. contains illustrated clip art images and those that incorporate photos of real people. The individual pages for each image include the file size, file type and a description of the image. They also include a link to the website or profile of the image's author. offers graphics and images that cover professional settings as well as casual and active environments, including business meetings and having a pillow fight. The site organizes its clipart into categories according to the main action or content of the graphic, such as siblings or a person waving. It also contains several different clip art images with various holiday themes, including Christmas. contains dozens of different image categories according to the action or activity in the clip art as well as a special section for African American clip art. Some images on the site do not feature a separate download button but instead require the user to save them.