Affinity Cellular receives mixed reviews on a variety of websites, as of 2015. Many reviewers mention that their phone bills have reduced since joining Affinity cellular, while others complain about the poor quality phones offered by the company.

While some reviewers report good experiences with Affinity Cellular, others post negative comments on the services offered by the company. Several positive reviewers mention that the company offers non-contract offers, and users can cancel their plans at no added costs. Several reviewers also mention that the trial period is beneficial and users can return the phones if the service is not satisfactory. Positive reviews also note that the company offers cheap call, text and data options, especially on the unlimited plans.

However, other reviewers complain about increased costs for usage above the set calling and data limits. There are several complaints about the company's customer service, with many reviewers disappointed that the representatives do not have adequate solutions to most problems. Others mentioned that customer service is not available 24/7, making it difficult to resolve problems at night and during weekends.

Several reviewers mentioned that Affinity Cellular offers low quality phones, which start experiencing problems after a short period. One reviewer mentions that she had to replace her flip phone three times in a span of a few weeks.