My Design Online is a web-based program that provides a way to produce a quality publication. It is an online program offering pre-designed templates from which users can create newsprint and non-newsprint publications. My Design Online is free to all JS Printing customers.

The program gives students the ability to work together or individually to create publications. Numerous users may work on different publication pages simultaneously to create literary magazines, newspapers or sports programs. The program involves typing copy or cutting and pasting copy into a pre-designed template, as well as uploading images and ads into designated boxes.

The front cover and inside page templates provide different options of layouts and styles so that users can customize work according to preferences or needs. The program is accessible from any computer or device that has an Internet connection. Publications can be printed in grayscale or in full color.

My Design Online offers free items for use in the publication, such as horoscopes, ads, shout-outs, games and coloring pages. There are over 20 fonts available for use in publications. All images that are submitted must be 130dpi for best printing quality. Users can set up a My Design Online account on