The EIX Benefits Connection allows enrollees and applicants to get detailed plan information, eligibility information and supplementary plan options. Those requiring help may either log in to their EIX Connection account, or call the toll-free number on the web page for further assistance. The web page includes free PDF downloads of plan details, specific eligibility requirement guidelines and access to application materials and instructions for those looking to enroll.

To look up specific information about an already active plan, participants may log in to the EIX Connection site with their valid log-in credentials to view their account details and personalized plan documents. New applicants and those interested in finding out more must call the toll-free information number or use the general website information, as access to the EIX Connection site is for members only.

EIX Connection is the part of Edison International that focuses on eligibility and enrollment, so questions related to other components of coverage or plan options should be directed elsewhere, as directed on the website. The site contains individual links to further information about plans, options, rates and qualification for each service option.

The EIX Connection is based on the West Coast, so access to the toll-free assistance hot-line is based on Pacific time, Monday through Friday.