Web publishing is the process and execution of publishing original content onto the Internet. Web publishing includes personal, community and business websites, blogs and ebooks. Text articles or posts, digital pictures, artwork and videos are common types of content that are used by web publishers. Individuals that publish content onto the web must have web publishing software, a web server and an Internet connection.

For example, if a writer wants to publish a business website promoting her professional writing services, she must acquire web publishing software in order for her to insert text, images and videos into an easily readable format suitable for the Internet. Then, she must locate a free or paid web server to deliver her content onto the Internet. Web servers are usually extremely high-powered computers that "store" websites and release the website content every time a user types in or clicks on the web address of the website. The writer must also have an Internet connection to upload, maintain and make changes to her website.

Blogs and ebook web publishers use almost the exact same web publishing tools as website creators. It is important to note that individuals who do not possess the necessary web publishing skills hire professional web publishing companies to host, maintain and make changes to their websites, blogs and ebooks.