To program a Phillips universal remote, the code that matches the device the remote is connecting to should first be found and the mode button should be held down until it lights up, allowing for the code to be entered. The universal remote can be programmed to correspond with a television, cable system or DVD player.

The most common codes that are used with Phillips remotes include 0807, 0022, 0020, 0422, 0122, 0222, 0322, 0002, 0520, 0919 and 0521. The number that is in front of the code is usually a zero, but some manufacturers require that users enter a different number before the code. It is important that remote users check with the specific remote manual and with the specific device manual to understand if the first number is required or if a different number should be placed before the remote code. Once the first code has been put into the system, the remote should be tested to make sure that it works with the device. If the first code does not work, the rest of the codes can be put into the remote to allow it to hook up with the device. If none of the codes works, the device manufacturer should be contacted.