The difference between RG59 and RG6 cables is in the gauge of the copper wire used. RG59 wire has a very thin, flimsy amount of copper, and it does not have an excellent ability to carry high-bandwidth content. RG6 is the cable industry standard and allows data transmission and hundreds of television signals with no issues.

At a time when cable operators offered only a handful of stations and televisions had only standard definition settings, RG59 was used in homes all over the country to hook up televisions. With the dramatic increase in television channels, high-definition content and high-speed Internet, however, RG59 has proven itself incapable of keeping up with the times. RG6 cable is a much thicker wire with better shielding that prevents outside interference and allows for hundreds of channels in crystal clear high-definition to pass through the wire without pixelation or fuzziness.