Sound Cloud is a social sound platform where people have the ability to share sounds they've created with others via social networks such as Facebook, Tumblr, Foursquare and Twitter. Users record and then upload their sounds to Sound Cloud and then have the option of privately sharing them with their friends or allowing anyone to use and listen to them. Users use the site to create playlists, podcasts and other auditory media.

Sound Cloud features a website at, where users sign up for an account or search for artists, bands or sound files such as podcasts and songs. The company also offers an app for both iPhone or Android operating systems, allowing the service to be accessed from anywhere. Additionally, Sound Cloud works with a variety of sound creation and sharing apps.

To protect users, features spam account reporting, account blocking and copyright infringement reporting. Any user who has a sound file removed for copyright infringement gets to argue it via an online disputing process.

While Sound Cloud is a free service, the company offers Pro and Pro Unlimited subscription account options. The Pro Unlimited account features unlimited upload quotas and the full coverage of stats. The Pro account has a six-hour quota limit and limited stats, while the free account features no stats and a three-hour quota limit.