Google Traduction, the French name for Google's translation service, helps people to translate words or phrases into various languages. As of 2015, the service can translate about 90 languages.

The input is the left box of Google Translate's page, while the translation appears simultaneously on the page's right text box. Google Translate usually detects the language of the inputted text automatically. However, there is a drop-down menu of all the available languages listed. Common languages covered by Google Translate include English, Spanish, French, Chinese and German, while obscure languages include Afrikaans, Gujarati, Hmong, Malagasy and Yiddish.

Entering a single word into Google Translate results in the service providing a primary response and several alternatives. For example, when translating the English word "translate" into French, the right box shows "traduire." Below the right box are other French words that have similar meanings, such as "interpreter." Definitions of the word in its original language are under the input box, along with sentence examples and synonyms of the word.

Google Translate also translates sentences, but the translator is limited because of its partial failure to discern context or verb tenses, as well as its tendency to give very literal translations. For example, translating "What is Google Translate used for?" into Spanish results in "Que es Google Traducir utiliza?" However, translating the sentence back into English results in "What it is Google Translate uses?" The second English result is grammatically incorrect because the Spanish translation is also grammatically incorrect.