This error indicates corruption of the page frame number list that is used by the physical disk to locate files on the computer. The computer, being unable to access the files displays the error message, normally in conjunction with the "Blue Screen of Death."

The PSN list may be corrupted due to a number of factors; one of the major ones is the destruction of RAM. Fixing this error requires running a Windows Memory Diagnostic to detect the presence of faults in the RAM. ISO files can be downloaded to create a bootable disk that can run the tests automatically on booting. Let the test run for seven passes or more; errors detected indicate a faulty RAM.

The other problem may be errors that are in the hard disk. To diagnose this, run “chkdsk.exe” on the start screen and click “Enter.” This causes the computer to restart and automatically scan and fix the hard drive for any errors found.

An outdated driver may also be a possible cause of the error and it’s vital to have all the drivers updated, especially on addition of a new peripheral device. Updating the BIOS by visiting the computer manufacturer’s website and getting its latest version is also a good idea.