When the indexed sequential access method, or ISAM, driver path, does not exist or is invalid in the Windows registry, this error code will appear. When linking, importing or exporting files in Microsoft Access there are files that might be missing from the Files of Type drop-down box in the Link, Export or Import dialog box. Another error code that may be given for the same problem is: "Wizard is unable to access the information in the file pathname. Please check that the file exists and that it is in the correct format."

This error also may occur when trying to export, import or link files from Microsoft Access to the program Microsoft FoxPro. Access 97 uses the ISAM driver but Access 2000 uses an ODBC, or open database connectivity, driver. The error code may appear if the databases have been upgraded to Access 2000 from Access 97. There are ways to modify the registry, but if the registry is modified incorrectly serious errors may occur. Make sure to create a backup in order to restore the registry if a serious error occurs. In order to correct the error, attempt to register the file manually or correct the path name in Windows Registry. If, after attempting to modify the registry, the attempt is unsuccessful, go to the Add/Remove programs folder. Start the Office setup program and then select Repair Office when prompted.