RCA remote control codes allow users to operate numerous devices, including DVD and VCR players, streaming media devices, sound bars, home theater systems and cable and satellite television receivers. The remotes can also use different codes to control the functions of multiple brands of television sets for a variety of functions, including channel tuning, menu operations and source selections. The number and type of devices that codes can be entered for depends on the capabilities of the specific RCA remote.

RCA remote controls can typically accept the code input for between two to eight devices with a selection button or buttons to allow the remote to toggle between the devices and codes. Not all RCA remotes can control all types of devices. Some RCA remotes may only have codes available for specific brands of certain types of devices.

Many new RCA remote controls include capabilities to control streaming media players, including Apple TV and Roku. Some RCA remotes have code capability to control over 400 different makes and models of home theater systems. RCA remote controls equipped with macro functions allow users to enter several codes in a programmable string to perform functions such as playing a DVD with one button, which can require multiple user inputs to accomplish the same task.