The symbols for battery, cellular signal and notifications are three common symbols that HTC phones display. In that order, they indicate the status of the battery, the strength of the cellular signal and whether or not there are new notifications. Ultimately, it is the operating system that determines what the symbols indicate. As HTC uses both Android and Windows Phone operating systems in its phones, the exact symbols may differ between different models.

HTC phones that run on Android display a vertical battery symbol in the upper-right corner. The more filled-in the symbol appears, the more time the phone can last until the next time the user charges it. The battery symbol displays a lightning bolt when connected to a power outlet. Windows Phone HTC models display a horizontal battery. While it shows the remaining battery in the exact same manner, Windows Phone displays a plug when charging, a shield when the battery saver is on, and a question mark when the phone cannot read the status of the battery.

Android HTC phones display up to four vertical lines to indicate the strength of the connection to the nearest cellular station. In comparison, Windows Phone displays five vertical lines. The symbol displays fewer lines as the connection weakens. Windows Phone displays an empty set sign when the phone isn't connected to a cellular network.

Whereas Android shows different notification symbols depending on the type of unread notifications, Windows Phone has a single symbol that covers all types of notifications. Some Android notification symbols are a speech bubble with the word "talk" in it to indicate a new Google Talk message and a speech box with an exclamation mark to indicate a problem with message delivery. The notification symbol on Windows Phone is a box with three lines in it.