Reviews for Windows 8 on websites such as PCWorld and CNET are generally positive, citing seamless syncing functionality, faster boot times and better file recovery as the main benefits. While the editors gave the operating system positive marks, user reviews on CNET are much lower, with the OS receiving only two out of five stars.

On CNET, Windows 8 received four out of five stars from the editors. They claim that the OS embraces the future of technology with faster boot and log-in times. They also like the look of the system, saying that the apps that Windows 8 provides are gorgeous. The CNET editors also appreciate the fast sync time between devices. For drawbacks, they felt that Windows 8 has a steep learning curve and that app navigation isn't intuitive.

The PCWorld editors also gave Windows 8 four out of five stars. They enjoyed the improved file system and felt that recovering a computer from system problems is much easier. Like CNET, they also like the quick file syncing made possible thanks to better cloud integration. The PCWorld editors didn't like the missing Start menu, stating that it may drive some users nuts. They also didn't like the system's aggressive approach to selling content and apps, and they felt that some of the aspects of Windows 8 are so different from previous Windows systems that it's unnecessarily confusing.