Companies that offer a variety of repair services for printers include Flo-Tech in Middletown, Connecticut and Lexmark Service Providers and Ink and Toner Solutions in the Northampton, Springfield and Western Massachusetts regions. Though these store websites do not specifically mention printers that do not print, customers can contact and verify services.

Flo-Tech specializes in printing, imaging and document-driven processes. provides a portal for customers to place online service requests. Among the repair services the company provides are technical support and preventative maintenance. Flo-Tech also has a Most Vulnerable Parts Program that provides parts for printer jamming issues.

Lexmark serves several locations, and includes a service provider finder on Customers first choose a printer type, then a product category and finally a location. The company provides several types of repairs for Lexmark printers, and customers may also benefit from Lexmark's Extended Limited Warranties.

Ink and Toner Solutions offers fully trained and certified service technicians for printer repairs. HP, Lexmark, Brother, Dell and Xerox are among the printer brands the business services and repairs. For simpler printing issues, customers may be able to call the business for free troubleshooting and triage over the phone.

Though printer repairs are not its focus, Best Buy does provide in-store printer troubleshooting.