The Employee Self-Service platform, or ESS, is a service offered on Home Depot's corporate site that allows employees to view and change associate information. The site also gives employees the ability to review their listed address in addition to other personal information to ensure security in how Home Depot communicates with its employees in regards to taxes or benefits.

Upon logging in, employees are given the opportunity to view and print invoices and tax forms, change information on personal tax withholdings and modify direct deposit information. They are also able to activate a payroll card, change their mailing address and alter or enroll in a Homer Fund deduction.

Employees are required to log in to a secure network, and it is recommended that they follow the tips outlined on the site. Such tips include ensuring that employees print documents to a secure printing location and making sure to log out when finished using the site.

To visit the Employee Self-Service platform, employees visit and click on the Corporate Information link in the page footer. Visitors then hover over the Associates link in the top navigation bar and select the Employee Self Service option. They then log in using the links at the bottom of the page; one link is associated with current associates while the other is for former associates.