The latest computer input devices are digital cameras, barcode readers, gamepads, webcams, scanners, touch pads, microphones and graphics tablets. In addition, there are trackballs, video capture hardware, joysticks, keyboards, mice and electronic whiteboards. An input device is a type of computer hardware that controls signals and allows data to be keyed into a computer. Traditional input devices are usually wired, but more recent devices are wireless.

The latest computer input hardware that uses wireless technology is able to send data straight into the processing unit of a computer via Bluetooth technology. While the traditional computers have a QWERTY keyboard, the latest input devices have screens with touch-sensitive pads. The devices are commonly referred to as smart devices. This is because of their ability to predict inputs accurately and intuitively. In addition, modern smart phones have handwriting recognition capabilities. Similarly, the traditional mouse is fast being phased out by a Bluetooth-enabled mouse. On the other hand, latest computer output devices are more high-tech than ever before. Examples are wireless headphones that stream music and voice calls via Bluetooth. Other recent output devices are home theatres, plotters and LCD projection panels. Modern technology, research and innovation have enabled computers to utilize lighter, better, more efficient and more effective hardware than ever before.