The benefits of a laser printer and scanner setup include the ability to print clean and crisp documents and scan images for alteration or use in marketing using a single machine. Laser printers print faster than many other styles, offering a timesaving benefit, and an integrated scanner allows users to quickly convert printed items into digital images.

Laser printer benefits include the ability to process more tasks in the same amount of time as using inkjet or similar technologies, potentially cutting down on labor costs and reducing frustration when office workers must share a single multifunction unit. Laser printed text tends to have much greater precision than that created using inkjet methods, making a laser printer a valuable tool for schematics and high-detail diagrams or easily legible text and clear logos.

Scanners allow users to quickly take ideas and concepts written or drawn on paper and turn them into images useful for manipulation using computer systems or sharing online with customers and clients. This enables users to create custom graphics for reports and advertisements or create multiple archival copies of printed documents in a variety of image formats. The combination of both tools in a single machine provides a versatile solution that delivers these benefits in a space-saving package.