One advantage of MS Publisher is that it places the tools of professional digital artistry at the disposal of a user and allows anyone to design and publish high-quality publicity materials, such as leaflets and small posters. Another advantage is that MS Publisher allows a user to convert and share original creations in various file formats, such as PDF or XPS.

MS Publisher is essentially a page layout program that formats text and graphics. The interface corresponds to a Windows Office environment. Consequently, its basic functions and features are very similar to other MS programs with formatting capabilities, such as Word. There are other, more specific formatting features, such as baseline, margin and grid guides.

MS Publisher also adjusts page sizes, positions and sizes objects, groups elements to lock them in place collectively, automatically wraps text, and contains foreground and background layers for added perspective and depth.

MS Publisher incorporates logos, diagrams and clip art into documents and enables the adjustment of color within and outside of imported images. MS Publishes even has an in-program CMYK color model. Similar to Word, MS Publisher offers a vast array of fonts and the ability to adjust each font size.

With the "Save as PDF" or XPS add-in from Microsoft, which is available to download for free on, MS Publisher effectively saves files as PDF or XPS for sharing. The add-in even allows MS Publisher to save each file's CMYK in CMYK and Pantone formats as PDF, so color specifications are not lost in translation.