As of 2015, some examples of frequency codes that can be used in a Uniden scanner include 460.350, 460.450, 460.225, 460.400 and 460.500, which are used by the Boston Police Department, notes To find frequency codes for a specific area or department, users can search a site such as

Users who have a Uniden scanner can use different frequency codes to listen to communications between police departments, fire departments, television broadcasts and radio stations. The laws regarding when it is legal to use a scanner depends on the individual state. Several states do not allow the use of scanners while driving and it is a federal crime to listen to cell phone calls on a scanner. Before purchasing a Uniden scanner, check the state's specific laws to ensure that its use is legal.

To find a specific frequency code, go to Users will need to first create a new account before searching the frequency code database. Enter a new user's name and password to create a free account. Click on "Database" and then "Database Home" to search for frequency codes by state or town. Scanner users can also learn more about how to use frequency codes and connect to other users in the forum.