There are several different television screen cleaners available, such as the Philips Screen Clean for LCD/LED/Plasma Screens cleaning kit and the ROGGE DUO-Clean Professional screen cleaning kit. However, it is best to use a mild water and soap mixture to remove any smudges from the television screen, notes CNET. Cleaners that have powerful additives can often leave permanent smudges and streaks, states Samsung.

Samsung's preferred method of cleaning a TV screen is using a microfiber cloth with a small amount of water. The surface of the microfiber cloth allows it to collect dirt and dust off the screen easily, without the use of cleaning solutions. In the most extreme situations, a light mixture of water and soap on a microfiber cloth can also be used.

Many of the commercially available kits, such as the ones by Philips and ROGGE, come with sprays that are capable of removing fingerprints, dust, oil, grease and other dirt using an alcohol-free and ammonia-free spray. The kits usually include a microfiber cloth as well.

Other commercial cleaners include the Endust for Electronics LCD and Plasma Pop Up Wipes and the Monster HM-Go ScreenClean Dual Pack, as seen on Amazon.