Some tips for setting up a Canon printer include checking the connections on the USB cable for wired printers as well as the wireless card and Internet strength for wireless printers. Check for relevant drivers, run a configuration test and check the paper supply.

The first step to ensuring a proper setup for a Canon printer is to check the ink cartridges and ensure the seating is secure, as a loose cartridge leads to poor printing quality or failure to print. After the cartridges are in place, follow the instructions in the manual to print a test page. This process helps the printer to align its sensors and ensure the cartridges are able to disperse the correct amount of ink. Next, run the configuration software included with the printer to install the necessary drivers onto the computer. If there is no software CD, load the printer's page on and download the necessary drivers.

If the printer is wireless, check to ensure that it detects the available Wi-Fi source and that the computer is also on the same network. For wired printers, connect the computer and the printer via a USB cable. Open the computer's printer utility and choose the appropriate model of Canon printer from the available options. Repeat driver installation if the printer does not appear.