To reduce the amount of spam filtering into your inbox, opt out of unsolicited commercial email through the Direct Marketing Association, practice discretion when giving out your email address and use spam filters. Reporting spam to your email service provider can also help.

The Direct Marketing Association’s Email Preference Service can help reduce unsolicited emails by allowing you to opt out of unsolicited commercial emails from its members. To opt out, visit to register your email address. Once registered, you opt out of receiving unsolicited email from DMA members for six years.

Limiting the number of people who have your email address can help reduce the amount of spam filtering into your inbox. Share your email address only with people and organizations with which you wish to correspond. When spam hits your inbox, do not respond to it, even if your response is a request for the sender to stop messaging you. If the message has an Unsubscribe link, use it instead. Responding to spam validates the address for the spammer, which is counterproductive to stopping spam.

Most email providers have some type of spam filter for filtering out unwanted messages. Apply these filters, and mark messages as spam when you receive them. By marking the messages as spam, you are alerting your provider that the sender is a spammer, which can help to eliminate or reduce the emails received from that sender.