When choosing A4 printer paper for stickers, carefully consider the type of printer for the project and choose a paper type that works well with that type of printer. Consider the type of available software for the printing project because paper and software compatibility reduces hassle and frustration when trying to align the sticker paper and format the project.

Take time to consider the ideal type of paper finish for the project and choose an A4 sticker paper that produces good results with the available printer. Certain types of sticker paper do not work with an ink jet printer. Trying to print metallic or fluorescent labels with an ink jet printer does not produce good results. Toner printers and laser printers work well with these types and all other types of sticker paper. When printing detailed or photograph stickers, choose glossy sticker paper for an added shine. Printing photographs to matte sticker paper dulls the image slightly.

A4 sticker paper comes in a variety of shapes and designs, including rectangular, round, square, heart-shaped, star-shaped and triangular. Retailers sell these shapes in a variety of sizes and numbers of stickers per printing sheet, so choose the size and layout that suits the project. When choosing sticker paper, plan for a small margin around each stickers because stickers print to an accuracy rate of one millimeter on either side of the prepared design. Because the heat in a printer can damage the sticker's adhesive backing, choose sticker paper that only runs through the printer once to create the design. This prevents heat damage to the stickers.