Some popular models of Toshiba televisions with liquid crystal display, or LCD, screens include the 65L9300U, 50L7300U, 50L4300U, 40L3400U, 50L3400U, 50L2400U, 32L2400U, 40L2400U and 58L1350U models, notes Sears PartsDirect. Others include the 65L7300U, 58L4300U and 65L7350U models.

Toshiba is one of the global leaders in the electronics industry. The company not only manufactures the conventional LCD TV, but it is also one of a few select brands that offer consumers LCD televisions coupled with digital video recording. Some popular Toshiba TVs of this type include the 26LV610U, 22LV610U, 19LV610U, 15LV505 and 19LV506 models.

Other popular Toshiba TVs include the 42XV540U, 46XV540U, 42RV540U, 46RV540U, 52RV540U, 26AV500U, 32AV500U and 37AV500U models, states Sears Parts Direct.