Screen Mom’s Best Screen Cleaner Kit and Endust for Electronics Pop-Up Wipes are two highly rated computer screen cleaners offered on as of 2016. Additional highly rated screen cleaners are the Monster Screen Clean Mini and Bryson’s Screen Cleaner 16-ounce Spray Bottle, available on New Egg, and the Ultra Hydra LCD Screen Cleaner, available from Tiger Direct.

Screen Mom’s cleaner includes a 16-ounce spray bottle and a microfiber cloth, and the spray is suitable for most computer, TV, tablet and smartphone screens. It has an average customer rating of 4.9 out of five stars, with 94 percent of the ratings at five out of five stars, as of 2016. The Endust cleaning wipes container includes 70 wipes that are effective on LCD, LED and non-glare screens. Sixty percent of customers give the wipes four or five out of five stars.

The Monster screen cleaner offered by New Egg is for LCD screens and other displays. The product receives five out of five eggs from customers. Bryson's 16-ounce screen cleaner comes with a microfiber cloth and is effective for all displays, including LED screens, LCD screens and computer monitors. All customer reviews give it five out of five eggs.

Tiger Direct offers the Ultra Hydra screen cleaner, an alcohol-free cleaner that comes in an easy-to-carry 10-milliliter quantity. It receives a rating of four out of five stars.