Some good investment apps include Betterment, Acorns, iBillionaire and Baton Investing. These varied apps provide a range of investment services designed to help users make money easily.

Betterment is a customizable app that allows users to easily invest funds based on desired financial outcomes. Users simply enter their ages and select from a list of general investment goals, such as “safety net” or “build wealth.” The app then invests funds in a variety of stocks based on users’ choices.

Acorns is a unique app that rounds off change from purchases on linked credit and debit cards and invests the money in a variety of funds. Users simply set the app to run in the background and choose their level of risk tolerance, and the app does the rest, incrementally building up investment returns.

Informative app iBillionaire allows users to follow the investment tips and strategies of billionaires such as Warren Buffett and George Soros. With iBillionaire, users can see what billionaires are buying and selling, along with detailed analysis for users to apply to their own investments. The app also keeps track of major buys and sells and alerts users.

An extension of Baton Investing’s own website, the firm’s app employs a complex stock selecting system designed by MIT professor John Reese. The algorithm automatically picks stocks for users, claiming a 485 percent return on investments since 2003.