Some fun ideas for choosing an Instagram username include using something definitive about the user's personality, choosing a unique and uncommon username and combining a humorous adjective with a noun. A username tells a lot about a person. A fun username for Instagram can open doors to richer possibilities of communication and expression because the username is the first thing people notice on someone's profile.

A username tells a lot about someone's heritage, the decade in which he was born and his values, culture and interests. It is important to choose a username that reflects the user's true personality. Furthermore, being original shows sincerity.

The username should be unique and not a common name on Instagram. If a desired name is unavailable, try adding something unique before or after the name. For example, somebody wanting to use "SkateboardChick" could try "SkateboardChick15." However, when the account is strictly professional, one can always use his first name initial and last name or add a dash or a dot, such as "k.james15."

To come up with a fun name, combine adjectives with nouns. The noun may describe a real name, place, sports team or favorite music. For the adjective, the user can choose a name depending on his personality or how he wants other to perceive him. For example, a username could be "FunkyJames" or "RampantPatriots."