The Flow Free app includes features such as more than 1,500 available for free in the Free Play mode, 10 board size variants and packs containing additional levels that users can buy. The app also features free level packs from the Classic, Mania and Extreme series. Other features include the Game Center section that tracks achievements as players complete levels and a time trial mode in which players try to solve levels as fast as possible.

The app includes 20 time trial variants with different board sizes and target durations. The user interface is colorful and features various sound effects. Flow Free uses vector graphics to represent the differently colored shapes, and it includes an option to label the shapes for color-blind players. The latest version of the app as of 2016 added the Daily Puzzles feature, allowing users to play new sets of levels and earn new achievements every day. This update also added support for different languages, including Spanish, French, Japanese and Russian, among others.

The app automatically detects the appropriate language based on the system settings, and it lets users change it on the fly in the game settings menu. Flow Free uses stars to indicate when a player completes a level without making any mistakes. Levels marked with a check mark count as complete, but it means that the player broke several paths while completing it. In addition to level packs, the app also includes hints that players can buy in packs of five and 20.