Some issues with Samsung LED TVs include a failure to operate after a limited ownership period, broken units, and problems with the connections, according to reviews posted on Overall, the TVs by Samsung received just over three stars for over 700 votes on that site, as of January 2016.

One consumer claims that the TV stopped working after only 18 months, and there was no fault that could be found. Another stated that he had to have a repairman out to fix the unit two times, and on the third he decided to change brands and get a new unit. Both gave the TV a one-star rating.

Another user gave the TV only two stars, because it began having problems turning on after just one month of ownership. After a year, the TV failed to work, according to the user, so he had to purchase a new one when the company would not replace it.

A woman from Traverse, Michigan, reported that her Samsung TV started to break down after six months of use. A new TV was delivered, but it only worked for one day. She also claims the sound on the unit is not good, which means users may want to purchase an alternative sound bar.