Some common complaints about Affinity Cellular include dropped calls when calling the customer service line, unauthorized or unexpected charges to customer accounts, and the company’s failure to honor promises made by sales or customer service employees. Many of these complaints were reported to the Better Business Bureau and resolved by the company, as of 2015.

Affinity Cellular offers “green” reconditioned phones, which are typically used phones returned to the manufacturer because of malfunctions and then refurbished. Affinity Cellular clients have filed complaints with the BBB relating to equipment malfunction and the company’s inability to address the issues quickly. Also, customers have complained about unexpected or unauthorized charges. In all of these cases, the customers were charged via the direct debit method of payment previously authorized for monthly account charges. Affinity Cellular has responded to these complaints, indicating that the charges were legitimate and agreed to by the customer at the time of signing up for service.

Several customers have also complained about their calls being suddenly dropped when trying to reach the Affinity Cellular customer service center. According to the company, this was due to an unexpected high volume of calls during that time. Additionally, some customers have complained about the fact that the customer service center is located in South America.