A common Brother printer repair is fixing a malfunctioning fuser unit by turning off the printer for five minutes. The printer must then be turned on and left running for 10 minutes to recover. The fuser unit is the hot part of the printer that bonds the print onto the paper. If the same issue continues, the fuser unit might need to be replaced. Another common repair is turning the printer off and back on to fix a malfunctioning fan.

Brother printers include four cooling fans, and issues might occur with just one of them. If the issue continues, the fan might need to be replaced by an engineer to determine which fan is faulty.

All Brother laser printers have built-in error codes that display on the LCD screen when a unit stops working. The codes are intended to detect the issue that needs troubleshooting for users to resolve the problem. All codes are found in the printer’s user manual with an explanation of what to do.

Brother-USA.com allows users to locate a Brother authorized service center if further assistance is needed for repairs. The website provides a ZIP code search tool to search for the nearest center within 150 miles. It is highly recommended to call the provider before arriving to make sure it offers service to the specific printer model.