Some common abbreviations for words used in texting include "lol" for "laugh out loud," "brb" for "be right back" and "btw" for "by the way." Some abbreviations represent longer phrases: "rofl" means "rolling on the floor laughing," while "nsfw" means "not safe for work."

Texting abbreviations are usually a shorter, faster way to write a phrase or a word. "Omg" stands for "oh my God," while "ttyl" means "talk to you later." Other terms are simply shortened versions of words, often with one or more vowels removed. "Srsly" is a shorter way to write "seriously," while "tmrw" means "tomorrow." Long words often have their own texting abbreviations. "Bf" and "gf" are faster to type than "boyfriend" and "girlfriend."

Some texting abbreviations combine both letters and numbers. "4U" means "for you," while "B4" is a quicker way to write "before." "Gr8" means "great," and "2day" means "today."

Many abbreviations used in texting stand in for full questions; they often appear without punctuation. "RUOK" means "Are you okay?" "ORLY" stands for "Oh, really?" "IKR" means "I know, right?" and "nmu" means "Not much, you?"

Internet trends often give rise to texting abbreviations. "FF" means "Follow Friday," "mcm" means "man-crush Monday" and "tbt" is a common abbreviation for "throwback Thursday."