Combinations for the Android game “Alchemy” include fire and pig to make bacon, grass and fruit to make a berry and water and wood to make a boat. The game has 390 unique combinations that users can try to figure out.

“Alchemy” is a puzzle game for Android devices. The object of the game is to drag and drop different elements and items together to create new ones. Players win the game after they successfully create every element and item in the game. At the beginning of the game, players are limited to using only the four basic elements: fire, water, wind and earth. As players combine these elements, they create new elements and items, which opens the door for even more creations.

Because “Alchemy” is an Android game, the controls are very limited. Players tap the “+” symbol to select each element or item that they want to use. If they long press an element or item, they can check multiple elements and items, and then tap the “+” symbol to add them all at once. When a new game is started, players are given useful tips on how to play the game, including an explanation of the controls.