As of 2015, Element Electronics has television assembly plants in Michigan and South Carolina, though the television parts are first manufactured in China before being shipped stateside. Seura of Green Bay, Wisconsin also produces specialty mirrors and outdoors TVs in the United States.

Element has assembly plants in Detroit, Michigan, and in Winnsboro, South Carolina. Its televisions have been sold at Wal-Mart stores in boxes proclaiming that they are assembled in America, but the parts come from China, and it is unclear if some of the assembly takes place there as well.

Seura manufactures a range of unusual TVs, such as weatherproof units designed to operate outdoors, vanishing TV mirrors and an indoor waterproof model designed for bathrooms and kitchens. It also designs custom TVs for commercial and hospitality needs.

There are no major manufacturing operations in the United States as of 2015, but Foxconn Technology Group has been in negotiations with the state of Arizona to open a general electronics assembly plant there for several years. The plant would produce TVs and display panels among other general electronic goods.

The last major television manufacturing operation in the United States was run by Zenith, which was acquired by LG Electronics of South Korea in 1995.