The three types of integrated circuits are analog, digital and microprocessor. Integrated circuits perform many tasks and are used in many types of electronic products. An integrated circuit contains multiple components that are connected to work as one unit.

Analog or linear circuits are the simplest circuits with the fewest number of parts. They collect, modify and give out signals. The microphone is an example of an analog integrated circuit. A digital circuit only accepts certain signals and may contain binary functions with automatic on-off capability. Digital integrated circuits are commonly used in computers and perform specific tasks. Microprocessor circuits are the most complex integrated circuits. They contain millions of transistors and thousands of configurations to perform millions of tasks in seconds. They can also store information. Microprocessor integrated circuits are commonly used in video games, televisions, cameras and automobiles.

In an integrated circuit, every component is miniature in form and everything fits into a small chip that is a few centimeters or millimeters in length. Some parts are microscopic in size. There are active parts, such as transistors and diodes, and passive parts, such as capacitors and resistors. Integrated circuits are rooted in the transistor, which was first invented in 1947.