Some apps that help with video chatting include ooVoo, Skype and Google Hangouts. Other apps that can help with video chatting include Tango and Camfrog.

OoVoo is a free video chat app that allows users to chat in groups of up to 12 people at a time. When a user first downloads the app, he is prompted to log in with Facebook or to create an ooVoo account. After linking with Facebook, the app uploads friends lists to a contact page. The app allows instant messaging in the course of a video call, uploading of status updates and an avatar photo for friends on the contact list to see.

Skype lets users video chat from their smartphones, tablets, desktops and television sets. Users can also send video messages and make VoIP calls. Google Hangouts lets users video chat with up to 10 people using Wi-Fi and mobile networks. Google+ users have the app directly embedded into their profiles, allowing them to video chat across different platforms.

Tango offers video chats with other verified Tango account holders. The app is free and unlimited since video chats use the phone's data connection. The app requires a phone number, a first name and an email address to sign up.

Camfrog offers the ability to video chat with complete strangers in different chat rooms. Users can join a video chat room by following a video feed. The app lets users switch cameras, pause the feeds or engage other users by tapping the speaker icon.