It is possible to both send and receive text messages to and from a Verizon customer with the use of a computer. It is also possible for a Verizon customer to view his or her text messages online.

An email program will be necessary in order to send a message to a Verizon customer. After the email program has been opened, the message should be sent to the person's full number with the domain "" For example, if the person's Verizon cell phone number is 203-555-1234, the email would be sent to the recipient at "[email protected]," but without the quotes or comma. Once sent, the email will be delivered to the person's cell phone. However, Verizon recommends that each message is less than 140 characters.

Messages can be sent from a Verizon phone directly to an email by sending a text with an email address as a recipient. For example, a text can be sent to "[email protected]" without the quotes. Also, Verizon users can sign into My Verizon and go to their Vtext portal. From here, users can send, receive and read text messages, as well as assign contact nicknames and utilize spam blockers. Verizon users may also use Integrated Messaging.