PaperlessEmployee is an employee self-service portal developed and provided by CIC Plus. Employees use the portal to access information about pay stubs, E-forms and information about benefits. Employers rely on PaperlessEmployee to optimize staff time, digitize payroll information and streamline the process of distribution of tax documents.

CIC Plus relies on its E-Forms Engine technology to digitize any type of employment form, creating a customizable interface that companies can use to fulfill their HR and payroll form needs. Forms include W4s, W2s, online pay stubs, direct deposit enrollment forms and benefit fact sheets among others. Companies rely on this technology to reduce the cost of paperwork processing and to optimize the speed of forms distribution. Additionally, PaperlessEmployee has multi-language capabilities in English, Spanish and French, thus simplifying access to important information for non-native English speakers.

In order to access their PaperlessEmployee portal, employees need to create a secure password meeting the requirements established by their company. Each company can create its own set of rules depending on the level of complexity and security it strives to reach. Rules may include a minimum number of characters, periodic password changes, etc. PayperlessEmployee protects financial information and sensitive data through data encryption, a system similar to that used by major financial institution and money transaction sites.